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Images Dated 2014 November

Choose from 3,088 pictures in our Images Dated 2014 November collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

10560-00096-821 Featured November Image


Horse, Highland Pony, adult, with Glenstrathfarrar deer stalking saddle, standing on upland, Spittal of Glenshee, Cairngorms N.P., Perth and Kinross, Highlands, Scotland, May

© of: FLPA/John Eveson

Adult, Adults, Animal, Animals, Breed, Breeds, Britain, British, Cairngorm, Cairngorms, Deer, Domestic, Domesticated, Equid, Equidae, Equids, Europe, European, Glen, Glen Strathfarrar, Glens, Glenstrathfarrar, Grey, Herbivore, Herbivores, Highland, Highlands, Hill, Hills, Horse, Horses, Hunt, Hunting, Hunts, Mammal, Mammals, Montane, Mountain, Mountains, National Park, National Parks, Perth And Kinross, Ponies, Pony, Saddle, Saddles, Scotland, Scottish, Shoot, Shooting, Shoots, Spittal Of Glenshee, Spring, Stalking, Temperate, Uk, Upland, Uplands, White

81235-04525-821 Featured November Image


View of boats on shoreline and houses of coastal village, only community on U.K. mainland dependent upon tidal access, with vehicular access to village via single-track road crossing tidal marsh which is covered by water every high tide, Sunderland, River Lune, Lancaster, Lancashire, England, June

© of: FLPA/John Eveson

Atlantic, Beach, Beaches, Boat, Boats, Britain, British, Building, Buildings, Coast, Coastal, Coasts, Communities, Community, Country, England, English, Estuaries, Estuary, Europe, European, Hamlet, Hamlets, Home, Homes, House, Houses, Isolated, Lancashire, Lancaster, Marine, Maritime, Marsh, Marshes, Marshland, Marshlands, Morecambe Bay, Peninsula, Peninsulas, Remote, River, River Lune, Rivers, Scenery, Scenic, Scenics, Sea, Seashore, Seashores, Settlement, Settlements, Shore, Shores, Summer, Sunderland, Sunderland Point, Temperate, Uk, View, Views, Village, Villages, Water, Waters, Wetland, Wetlands

10136-00536-838 Featured November Image


Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) claw scratch marks on Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) trunk with barbed wire from researchers to snag hair, in temperate coastal rainforest, Inside Passage, Coast Mountains, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada, July

© of: FLPA/Jack Chapman

Animal, Animals, Barbed, Bear, Bears, Behaviour, British Columbia, Brown, Canada, Canadian, Claw, Clawed, Clawing, Claws, Coast, Coast Mountains, Coastal, Coasts, Conifer, Coniferous, Conifers, Conservation, Forest, Forests, Great Bear Rainforest, Grizzly, Hair, Hairs, Inside Passage, Mammal, Mammals, Maritime, Mark, Marked, Marking, Marks, Nature, North America, North American, Omnivore, Omnivores, Pacific, Pacific Northwest, Rainforest, Rainforests, Research, Researcher, Researchers, Scratch, Scratched, Scratches, Scratching, Sign, Signs, Snag, Snagged, Snagging, Snags, Spruce, Spruces, Studies, Study, Studying, Subspecies, Summer, Temperate, Tree, Trees, Trunk, Trunks, Ursidae, Wildlife, Wire, Wires, Wood, Woodland, Woodlands, Woods