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Images Dated 2013

Choose from 3,213 pictures in our Images Dated 2013 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

10298-00987-819 Featured 2013 Print


Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) pricket juvenile stag, listening to roaring stags, silhouetted at sunrise during rutting season, Richmond Park, London, England, October

© FLPA/Andrew Forsyth

Alert, Animal, Asia, Asian, Autumn, Autumnal, Britain, British, Cities, City, Dawn, Deer, Deers, England, English, Eurasia, Eurasian, Europe, European, Herbivore, Herbivores, Immature, Immatures, Juvenile, Juveniles, Listen, Listening, Listens, M Ammals, Male, Males, Mammal, Morning, National Nature Reserve, Nature, Nnr, Noise, Park, Park Lands, Parkland, Parks, Pricket, Prickets, Reserve, Reserves, Richmond, Roar, Roaring, Roars, Royal Park, Rut, Rutting, Season, Silhouette, Silhouetted, Silhouettes, Sound, Sounds, Stag, Sun Rise, Sun Rises, Surrey, Temperate, Town, Towns, Uk, Urban, Wild Life, Young

88889-09890-075 Featured 2013 Print


Black eared Wheatear, male dark throated form of the western race (hispanica) Extremadura Spain

© of: FLPA/David Hosking

Black, Dark, Eared, Extremadura, Hispanica, Male, Oenanthe, Race, Spain, Throated, Western, Wheatear

03334-00282-863 Featured 2013 Print


Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) adult with two chicks, begging in rookery, Paulet Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica, January

© of: FLPA/Kevin Elsby

Adult, Adults, Animal, Animals, Antarctic, Antarctica, Babies, Baby, Beg, Begging, Begs, Bird, Birds, Chick, Chicks, Coast, Coastal, Coasts, Colonies, Colony, Flightless, Island, Islands, Marine, Maritime, Nature, Parent, Parents, Paulet, Penguin, Penguins, Peninsula, Polar, Rookeries, Rookery, Sea, Seabird, Seabirds, Wildlife, Young