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Images Dated 22nd June 2012

Choose from 1,947 pictures in our Images Dated 22nd June 2012 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

04201-00003-823 Featured 22 Jun 2012 Print


South Island Tomtit (Petroica macrocephala macrocephala) adult male, perched on twig, Ulva Island, Stewart Island (Rakiura), New Zealand, july

© FLPA/Hugh Lansdown

Adult, Animal, Australasia, Australasian, Australasian Robin, Australasian Robins, Bird, Birds, Endemic, Island, Islands, Male, Males, New Zealand, Pacific, Passerine, Passerines, Petroicidae, Rakiura, Song Bird, Song Birds, Stewart, Tomtit, Tomtits, Ulva

81235-03702-861 Featured 22 Jun 2012 Print


People sitting in park, visitors admiring view of National Maritime Museum, Queen's House, Royal Naval College and across River Thames to Docklands, Greenwich Park, Greenwich, London, England, april

© FLPA/Dave Pressland

Back Ground, Borough, Britain, British, Building, Buildings, Canary Wharf, Capital, Capitals, Cities, City, Country, Distance, Distant, Docklands, England, English, Europe, European, Greenwich, Greenwich Park, Habitat, Habitats, Human, Humans, National Maritime Museum, Nature, Park, Park Lands, Parkland, Parks, People, Person, Queens House, Relax, Relaxed, Relaxes, Relaxing, River Thames, Royal Naval Collage, Scen Ic, Scenery, Scenics, Spring, Temperate, Tourism, Tourist, Tourists, Town, Towns, Uk, Urban, V Iew, Views, Visit, Visiting, Visitor, Visitors, Visits

10234-00201-668 Featured 22 Jun 2012 Print


Domestic Cattle, Highland Cattle, calf and cow, standing on frost covered grazing marsh at dawn, Oare Marshes Nature Reserve, Kent Wildlife Trust, Kent, England, january

© FLPA/Robert Canis

Adult, Animal, Atlantic, Bovid, Bovidae, Breeds, Britain, British, Calf, Calves, Cattle, Coast, Coastal, Coasts, Cold, Conservation, Covered, Covering, Cow, Dawn, Domestic, Domesticated, England, English, Europe, European, Farm, Farming, Farms, Female, Females, Frost, Frosted, Frosts, Frosty, Grazer, Grazers, Grazing, Hairy, Hardy, Herbivore, Herbivores, Hoofed, Kent, Live Stock, M Ammals, Mammal, Management, Maritime, Marsh, Marsh Land, Marshes, Marshlands, Morning, Oare Marshes, Reserve, Reserves, Scottish Breed, Temperate, Uk, Weather, Wet Land, Wet Lands, Winter, Young, Young Stock